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Parents Protest Happy Meals

August 2015

Patricia Bannan offers her advice on the link between Happy Meal promotions and unhealthy eating.


Herbs & Spices For Weight Loss

July 2015

Next time you are cooking, go heavy-handed on these 10 herbs and spices to help you lose weight.


9 Foods For Better Sex

July 2015

Research shows these nine foods might help alleviate and, in some cases, resolve your sexual discomforts.

fox news

Good For You Dude Foods

June 2015

Not all man food needs to clog your arteries. Check out these 5 dude foods that are actually good for you.

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Low-cal Flavor Boosters

May 2015

Healthy spices and sauces are a great way to flavor a meal without adding high-cal ingredients.

yahoo news

School Shames Parent Over Lunch

April 2015

Patricia Bannan offers advice regarding school that shames parent over preschoolers packed lunch.

abc news

Foods For Brain Health

March 2015

Patricia Bannan talks about berries, omega-3 fats, and other foods that play an important role in brain health.

yahoo news

Grocery Store Deals

February 2015

Everyone loves a good deal. But what's good for your wallet isn't always good for your waistline.

us world news

Health Benefits Of Chocolate

February 2015

Stir it in oatmeal or yogurt, or enjoy a small square by itself. Here are 10 ways nutritionists enjoy chocolate.

self magazine

Healthy Eating Tips

February 2015

Patricia Bannan and other top dietitians share their healthy eating tips with SELF magazine.

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