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Foods To Combat Winter Colds

January 2015

Try including a variety of these seven foods in your diet to maintain (or regain) a healthy immune system.

self magazine

Healthy Eating Tips

January 2015

Patricia Bannan and other top dietitians share their healthy eating tips with SELF magazine.

fox news

New Year, New You

January 2015

Fox News Health contributor, Patricia Bannan, offers five tips for a healthier you this year.

yahoo news

Recess Timing Affects Nutrition

January 2015

New research shows putting lunch after recess can increase kids' fruit and vegetable intake.

prevention magazine

Food Storage Secrets

January 2015

Patricia Bannan provides storage tips to preserve food safety, quality, nutrients, texture and flavor.

abc news

Tips To Stay Slim Over The Holidays

December 2014

Patricia Bannan offers Eyewitness News some nutrition tips to stay slim over the holidays.

people magazine

What Dietitians Order

December 2014

With over 200 menu options, here's what five dietitians order at the Cheesecake Factory.

parents magazine

Tips To Help Kids Eat Better In 2015

December 2014

Dietitians share a list of some great ideas to help you help your kids eat better during the upcoming year.

us world news

What Experts Want for Christmas

December 2014

Want fresh fruit to show up at your door each month? Twelve gift ideas for and from the health minded.

shape magazine

What Nutritionists Eat

November 2014

From mash potatoes to pumpkin pie, nutritionists share the healthy meals that they bring to the Thanksgiving table.

fox news

Holiday Superfoods

November 2014

Cranberries, mandarins and cinnamon - Patricia Bannan stops by Fox LA Studio 11 to talk about holiday superfoods.

Simple Nutrition Strategies

November 2014

How do nutritionists eat and live to align with the science? Check out these simple strategies nutritionists swear by.

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